The Right People

In SKYHEX’s origin story we know that vision and strategy will also be precursors to success, but not as important as the 1st priority of finding people. And not just people… the right people!

We aren’t looking for individual heroes to single handedly take on this monumental task.  We are looking for contributors who want to build a foundation and a community that will grind out this mission until it is complete and our vision has been achieved.

Earn A NFT By Recommending People

One SKYHEX Badge NFT for you and one for the person you recommend.  No… you don’t get two if you suggest yourself, but nice try.  

Why should you want a SKYHEX Badge NFT?  Because eventually SKYHEX will have its own ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain.  NFT holders will be the first to receive an airdrop of SKYHEX ERC-20 tokens as a reward for early contributions of effort and support.

We want to award people who:

  • Are willing to suggest people that might fit our culture and mission.
  • Identify themselves as the right fit for our culture and mission.
  •  End up being the wrong fit.  Because we know the people that don’t fit aren’t the villain in this story. They are simply part of the process of finding the right people.


View the NFTs on OpenSea.

Recommend A Person!

Not required, but LinkdIn is the easiest way for us to interact with you.
Not required, but LinkdIn is the easiest way for us to interact with the person you recommend.
Please be detailed and tell us the best way to contact this person.

The Current Team

Kinnard Carter

DAO Formation Team Lead

Kinnard has vast entrepreneurial experience and has been a flying enthusiast since childhood. He currently runs a successful commercial painting business in Denver, CO, and has a vast network of real estate and infrastructure developers. Besides his entrepreneurial ventures, Kinnard is a travel enthusiast who is passionate about flying and is actively working towards his first pilot certification. He firmly believes that mobility makes lives more convenient and is dedicated to creating a robust network of vertiports.

Kirk Hyust

Licensing Advisor

Open Innovation Product Developer | Licensing Coach | SharkTank Participant | Co-Inventor of the Turbo Trusser

Hamza Khalid

Website & Social Media Manager

Digital Marketing Manager · Branding Manager · Social Media Designer · Animation Specialist · Social Media Marketing Manager