EVTOLS, Vertiports, NFTs, and Crypto All In One Urban Air Mobility Infrastructure Project Called SKYHEX

SKYHEX is the first-ever crypto-backed Urban Air Mobility project aiming to empower the industry to build more vertiport infrastructure. UAM is projected to be a $1 trillion industry.  For the industry to reach its potential, vertiport infrastructure must first be rapidly expanded. Cryptocurrency is a dynamic industry with many use cases for decentralization. The combination of crypto and the UAM industry can decentralize the global task of investing-in and building vertiport infrastructure. 

SKYHEX is a community-centric project with the aim to develop a coalition of entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, investors, and designers who will bring innovation to the industry.

So, What Are We Trying To Solve?

Millions of people across the globe use aircraft for traveling and freight. Most aircraft use fossil fuels which are neither sustainable nor eco-friendly. The future is all about electric means of transportation.  Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft (EVTOLs) offer a short distance solution perfect for in-city and between city travel.  

The distributed electric propulsion design of EVTOL aircraft has various benefits, including reduced production costs, ease of maintenance, minimal noise, and lower carbon emissions. In contrast, helicopters are expensive to develop and operate, and they are noisy and pollute our skies while in operation. As the leading edge of the industry, EVTOLs are now closer than ever to making Urban Air Mobility a reality.

However, the UAM industry is facing the following issues:

  • The industry is facing a lack of infrastructure (e.g. vertiports, maintenance sites, etc.) which can be problematic for scaling.
  •  Without infrastructure at scale, the cost of travel via EVTOLs  is too high.
  • Lack of funding models for infrastructure.

So, we want to solve the above-stated problems by creating a crypto-backed industry wide community. SKYHEX will serve as a place where people will come together to boost the scaling and adoption of this industry through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The DAO will empower participants to vote on decisions for the project. Our project will become a democratic place where the future direction of the project will be decided by the community vote. 

The difficulty of rapidly scaling UAM activities and increasing popularity will be handled by allowing communities to construct simple smaller vertiports that can be linked to the existing  infrastructure of airports, heliports, and newly created bigger vertiports.

How We Aim To Solve These Issues?


Community Education 

The first step of our solution is to create a workshop and resources to educate communities about EVTOLs, vertiports, and the UAM industry overall. The course will be translated into multiple languages, which will aid us in the decentralized approach to teaching and engaging as many communities as possible around the world. 

Smaller Vertiports Solutions

The cost of developing larger Vertiports is high and small urban or rural communities may not be able to afford to develop such infrastructure. We as a community of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and architects will offer them small vertiports solutions so that they can easily adopt urban air mobility.

Planning & Development 

There is no obligation to develop vertiport facilities using a one-size-fits-all model. Vertiports can range from a single takeoff and landing space to multi-level facilities capable of handling many EVTOLs at once. Smaller private vertiports may consist of only an aircraft parking stand, a rapid charging or refueling system, minimal security screening, and a hangar for minor repairs and maintenance services.

Larger vertiports would ideally support a significant number of passengers, as well as robust fire safety, access control, and airspace monitoring systems, as well as amenities for personnel and awaiting consumers. We will offer complete support in designing and developing the necessary infrastructure for the EVTOLs. 

Introduce A Token

The SKYHEX ecosystem will be empowered by a native token, $SKYHEX. Using this token you can participate in the operation of the SKYHEX DAO. SKYHEX token holders will choose the usage of the treasury, as well as the activities and orientation of SKYHEX’s market and industry participation, through the proposals and voting procedure.

SKYHEX will seek to partner with leading aerial mobility initiatives.  SKYHEX will thrive from the progress of partner initiatives as well as the overall aerial mobility business. The growth of SKYHEX’s collaborators will only raise the contributions to, and value of SKYHEX’s treasury, allowing additional funds to be directed toward implementing the roadmap to achieve our key goals.

How Can You Participate?

SKYHEX is in its early stage and requires a community of UAM industry experts and enthusiasts from across the globe. To kickstart the formation of the DAO, SKYHEX will launch two NFT initiatives. 

Build A Vertiport NFT Contest.

Industry participants will hunt and collect as many vertiport icon NFTs as they can from SKYHEX’s website and social media profiles.

There are only 52 Vertiport icon NFTs in the collection. Each NFT represents a meaningful concept in the UAM ecosystem. Besides the imagery, NFTs gives holders an opportunity to learn about EVTOLs and vertiports, as well as how to participate in the UAM ecosystem. 

This unique NFT collection will drop on the Polygon blockchain. Collectors will get hints from our LinkedIn and other social media accounts on where to find links and QR codes that lead to claim pages. 

The first, second and third collectors to mint all 52 will wins respective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, which includes special Badge NFTs that unlock additional benefits in the SKYHEX ecosystem. Once all the NFTs have been minted, the winners will be announced on SKYHEX official channels.

This contest is intended to be an introduction to SKYHEX and two important concepts of community vertiports and industry ownership through decentralization.

Some other objectives of the contest are:

  • Reward industry participants for content creation that educates the community.
  • Incentivize collaboration among UAM participants.
  • Incentivize industry participants to read industry reports and provide feedback.
  • Build a strong community around the SKYHEX project.
  • Educate UAM industry about DAOs, NFTs, Defi, Crypto

Similar to investing in a startup you believe has value and will impact the causes that are important to you, collecting NFTs and participating in this contest is one way to contribute and add value to the UAM ecosystem.

SKYHEX Badge NFT Project

In a following initiative, we will give away free Badge NFTs to users who contribute to the UAM Industry and the SKYHEX community. Once the DAO is founded, all NFT holders will receive an airdrop of SKYHEX ERC-20 utility tokens. 

This project will also assist SKYHEX in recruiting the necessary individuals to meet the task of constructing vertiport infrastructure around the world. 

There are two ways to receive Badge NFTs and participate in this project:

Recommend a Potential Contributor

Earn a SKYHEX Community Badge by referring someone who could possibly help the SKYHEX endeavor. The suggested individual can either serve on the Badge NFT Panel, which will have five members, or propose and carry out another initiative. The Badge NFT Committee must approve the proposed project. When the project is completed, both the recommended individual and the recommender will be awarded a community badge.

The NFT Badge Panel will assess the proposed projects and decide whether to forward the project for DAO voting or not. 

Recognize an Industry Contributor

A SKYHEX Community Badge can also be obtained by proposing a person in the industry who deserves to be recognized in the following areas: Design, Regulations, Programming, Economics, Innovation, or Piloting an EVTOL. If the SKHEX team determines that this person is deserving of a Badge in one of the categories, the recommender will earn a Community Badge, and the suggested person would get the relevant badge for their contributions to the industry.

The badge holders will automatically receive token airdrops and enjoy certain privileges in the SKYHEX ecosystem. The badge holders will also be invited to exclusive UAM events.


Rapid growth in the Urban Air Mobility industry is on the horizon. Through the SKYHEX project, we are offering an opportunity to develop an accessible and sustainable infrastructure model. We will utilize decentralization and open innovation to create small simple vertiports for global deployment.  Come join us and contribute to the development of infrastructure necessary for Urban Air Mobility to thrive.

A Contribution From The SKYHEX Writing Team: 
Kinnard Carter 
M Naeem Mansha