Smaller Simpler Community Vertiports

Be First To Takeoff!

Deploy the first vertiports in your market and scale quickly using SKYHEX components and modular units.  Reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with traditional building methods by installing SKYHEX temporary vertiports.  SKYHEX vertiport units are reusable and can be moved to another location or used to build permanent vertiports.

Urban Air Mobility is projected to be a  $1 trillion dollar industry by 2040 and we anticipate the need to help communities quickly transform urban fringe and rural real estate into vertiports for economic and environmental benefit.  We use thought leadership to educate communities, and open innovation to develop components and systems for building community vertiports. 

SKYHEX is looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers. Anyone with enthusiasm for the industry and skills to contribute can participate in the future of Urban Air Mobility.

Building strong partnerships in the Urban air Mobility industry is our first priority. If you have something to contribute or if we can collaborate in any way... Please reach out.